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Announcing the MLS Outlook

The MLS Outlook is designed to share relevant trends and issues that could have an impact on your MLS and your business. The MLS Outlook will consist of articles, events, videos, and whitepapers with experts from all over the U.S. about what the future of the MLS looks like, where cutting edge MLS’s are going, and how they are delivering the most value to their members.


We will continue to deliver information that answers the questions we are receiving from you, our members… What’s REALLY happening with the MLS? What does all this mean for your business? It’s time to join the conversation about your MLS.


SDAR is committed to keeping MLS data local and ensuring our members’ MLS needs are met.

San Diego MLS


In a Recent Survey SDAR Members Shared Their Thoughts

San Diego is a unique geographical area that doesn’t suffer from overlapping market disorder that many areas in California suffer from. The Bay area and Los Angeles may have several markets in close proximity that may require agents to join multiple MLS to conduct business. Luckily for REALTORS® in San Diego, our area doesn’t have the type of market fragmentation that other areas experience.


What makes San Diego unique is that there are clearly defined borders. There is Camp Pendleton to the north, the desert to the east, Mexico to the south, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the west. Many of the qualities that make San Diego a great place to live, also make it an ideal place to practice real estate.


In a recent study conducted by the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS®, the vast majority of members revealed that they rarely, if ever, use data outside of San Diego County. Real estate is local and SDAR is committed to keeping MLS data local and ensuring our member’s MLS needs are met.


Local control means we can provide state-wide data through a better approach via datasharing agreements. Local control means we can better ensure local data is protected.


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  • November 14, 2016 – The MLS Outlook Expert Panel Presentation
    The event was packed with REALTORS® wanting to learn more about the challenges and opportunities in the MLS.
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View video topics concerning the MLS

Jim Harrison – CEO MLSListings explains the importance of Data Sharing

Cory Shepard  – 2016 SDAR President and Victor Lund – CEO Wav Group discuss the MLS in San Diego


Innovative MLS's in the Country

See and hear what the most innovative MLS’s in the country are doing with their MLS platforms. Learn how REALTORS® businesses are benefiting from cutting edge MLS tools and technology. These resources educate on what is happening in other MLS environments, define current trends and paint a picture of what could the future of the San Diego MLS looks like.

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Have questions? Look here first for a list of frequently encountered questions.

Is it true NSDCAR filed an action to dissolve the MLS?

Yes. On Oct. 24, 2016 NSDCAR and PSAR jointly filed a lawsuit in Superior Court to dissolve Sandicor, despite SDAR’s numerous prior settlement proposals that were ignored. This lawsuit asks the court to take away members ability to determine the future of Sandicor and put it into the hands of a judge.

Are NSDCAR and PSAR intending to join CRMLS?

Yes. It is NSDCAR’s and PSAR’s express intent to dissolve Sandicor and join CRMLS. Their own websites state: “PSAR and NSDCAR have no other recourse than to file for a legal dissolution of Sandicor and join the CRMLS.”

Is there a statewide MLS?

No. There is currently no true statewide MLS. CRMLS covers less than 44% of the state of California. In fact, other regional MLS’s of similar size to Sandicor have stated that they have no interest in merging with CRMLS.

Is a merger with CRMLS good for San Diego REALTORS®?

No. There are numerous examples of lack of data protection, interrupted service and increased costs associated with moving to CRMLS. For example, Ventura County Regional Data Share canceled their relationship with CRMLS because they found there would be an “unexpected $25,000 cost” as well as the need to “reformat all the data” to join CRMLS.

Is SDAR in favor of Sandicor entering into a data-share agreement with CRMLS?

Yes. SDAR’s approach is to enter into data-share agreements with multiple MLS services throughout the state. This ensures that our members receive the benefits of having access to more data without taking on the risks of consolidating with a single MLS service outside of San Diego County, one in which they would have little control or voice.

Is there a buyout to prevent the effort to dissolve Sandicor?

Yes. There are buyout provisions in the Sandicor governing documents that SDAR is prepared to exercise. Unfortunately NSDCAR and PSAR are trying to legally nullify those provisions.

If a buyout occurs would NSDCAR/PSAR have anything to do with Sandicor?

No. Under the buyout provision, SDAR is ready to continue operating Sandicor for all subscribers, including those currently subscribing with NSDCAR and PSAR.


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